• Client: SPEKTRUM art_technology_community gallery in Berlin. / Year: 2016. / Category: Audiovisual Arts, Dgital Arts, Digital Fabrication.

Video concept

Idea behind video was to use product design and development and metaphorically show that nowadays society evaluates human as personality depending on how successful one make sellable product of oneself.
Video effects were added because of the urge to experiment with digital fabrication and projection mapping techniques used as lightning. We used human body and captured it starting from filming body expression, then scanned different states of movements and used data of static states to make 3D animations. The same static data were used to 3D print sculptures which were used in video filming again.
Overall process consists of three phases - the first captures reality, the second transfers real object to virtual reality, the third takes virtual reality data and transfers these data back to reality.

Abstraction of process as such

Every process has beginning and end. What happens in between can be only certain to limited extent considering that we are human beings and whether we want or not, we make involuntary random decisions. The visual system is meant to be as an abstraction of any process - it has certain constraints and seemingly unlimited amount of outcomes. No matter how random the decisions are, the outcome is aesthetically decent representation of the system and its constraints.

Art direction of video, 3D animation, post editing and sound design by Irina Spicaka.
3D scanning, projections as light, camera Krisjanis Rijnieks.
Camera Jogita Leja.
Sound mastering Martins Strautnieks.
Sponsors: The State Culture Capital Foundation of Latvia (SCCF), Open Innovation Space Berlin, Fab Lab Berlin, Chérie photo studio.
Special thanks to Zero Melody, Georgina Melody and Helen Preis for voguing skills and UY Studio for vegan latex outfit.